Intellectual rights


The area of intellectual and industrial property rights involves the protection of know how and consists of amongst others:

  • advise on patents, trademarks, designs and models
  • protection of copyright and trade names
  • procedures regarding the enforcement of these IP rights
  • drafting of licence agreements and other agreements


  • IT-agreements
  • data protection and privacy
  • liability of internet service providers


  • enforcement of civil rights and personal rights: right to free speech, right to personal portrayal and the right of reply
  • negotiations regarding exclusivity agreements, distribution agreements, publishing agreements, production agreements and non disclosure agreements (NDA’s)
  • legal assistance of famous people, authors, actors, artists and journalists before the courts, the Flemish Media Regulator and the Council for Journalism

Our office assists her clients in all proceedings regarding the enforcement of the aforementioned intellectual property righs in, amongst others, injunction proceedings.
Also, our office assists her clients in negotiations regarding license agreements and agreements of protection of IP rights.

Intellectual rights